Human remains in archaeological museums. Ethics & Display el

Dr Wiebke Ahrndt

Übersee-Museum Bremen, Director

Wiebke Ahrndt (born 1963), ethnology / Meso-American
studies in Goettingen and Bonn. Different study and
research visits in Los Angeles and Mexico. In 1996,
doctorate in Meso-American studies. From the end
of 1999 until the beginning of 2002, Head of American
Department at the Museum der Kulturen in Basel
(Museum of Cultures). Since March 2002, Director of
the Übersee-Museum Bremen.October 2006, Honorary Professor in the Faculty of Cultural Science at the
University of Bremen. Since May 2010, member of the Board, from 2011 until 2018, Vice President of the
Deutsche Museumsbund (German Museum Association).
Head of the GMA working groups drawing up the “Recommendations for the Care of Human Remains in
Museums and Collections” and the “Guidelines for the Care of Collections from Colonial Contexts”.