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Angeliki Koukouvou

Dr Archaeologist
Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum, Department of Exhibitions, Communication and Education, Head of the Department

Angeliki Koukouvou is an archaeologist of Hellenic
Ministry of Culture and Sports and has carried out
excavations in central and western Macedonia. She
is currently based at the Archaeological Museum of
Thessaloniki as curator of temporary and permanent
exhibitions and Head of the Exhibitions, Communication
and Education Department. Her main scientific interest
is ancient technology and especially ancient quarrying
activity that is the subject of her PhD dissertation, published with the title: ‘LITHON
LATOMEIN:QUARRYING STONE. From the Asomata quarries to the buildings of the
Macedonian kings’ (2012, in Greek with English summary).
She participates in scientific conferences and has published articles and studies on the
topography of ancient Macedonia during the Hellenistic and Roman period, as well as
on terracotta figurines, sculpture and epigraphy of the same period.