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Dr Stefano Vassallo

Region of Sicily, Archaeological Service of Palermo

Stefano Vassallo is, currently, an archaeologist executive of the Soprintendente di Palermo, where he has worked for over 35 years. As part of the research carried out in the territory of the Province of Palermo, he directed investigations in numerous settlements dating from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages. In particular he carried out investigations in the Greek colony of Himera (VII-V century BC) where he carried out excavations in different contexts of the polis: in the town, with urban and topographical research as well as in houses; in the western and eastern necropolis, coordinating the excavation of over 13,000 burials; in the agora and in the extra-urban districts of the colony.
In addition to Himera, he oversaw research throughout central and western Sicily: at Montagna dei Cavalli the excavation of a theater of the early Hellenistic period; at Terravecchia di Cuti and Colle Madore with research in residential and sacred contexts of the archaic and classical age; at the Kassar of Castronovo, excavating an imposing fortification from the Byzantine period (VIIIIX century).