Human remains in archaeological museums. Ethics & Display el

Elia Vlachou

Archaeologist-Museologist, Cultural Manager

Archaeologist-Museologist M.A., Cultural Management Consultant. She cooperates with the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and various public & private institutions on the development and implementation of E.U. co-financed programmes, museological projects, temporary exhibitions, educational programmes, cultural events, outreach and communication activities etc. Co-founder and General Secretary of the Hellenic Steam Institute, a nonprofit association dedicated to the preservation and valorization of industrial heritage.
From 2003 to 2017 she worked at the Piraeus Cultural Foundation. Head of the Museums Department since 2007, she has coordinated the Department’s E.U. cofinanced projects and the Museum Network’s numerous temporary exhibitions, educational programmes and various activities.
She gives lectures on cultural management at graduate and postgraduate level. Expert of the European Museum Academy, member ICOM and TICCIH, and of the international juries for the prizes “Heritage in Motion” and “Živa Award”.
Main research interests: cultural management; innovative methods of interpretation of material and intangible culture; analysis of the visitors’ experience; protection and promotion of the technological heritage.