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Kali Tzortzi

Assistant Professor of Museology
University of Patras

Kali Tzortzi is Assistant Professor in Museology in the Department of History-Archaeology
in the University of Patras. She also lectures in the MA Museum Studies in the University of
Athens, where she is module leader in ‘Architectural Design of Museum Space and Museography’.
Her educational background, with a first degree in history and archaeology, two masters degrees
in classical archaeology and in museology, and a PhD from The Bartlett, University College London,
is reflected in her research linking architecture to museology.
She has practical knowledge in the field of cultural management –of archaeological sites, monuments
and museums– through her long-term work in the Hellenic Ministry of Culture. She has published
extensively across languages and disciplines, including her paper on visitors’ spatial behaviour in
museums, among the ‘10 most read’ papers, in ‘Museum Management and Curatorship’, and her
book ‘Museum Space: Where Architecture Meets Museology’ (in Greek, by Piraeus Bank Cultural
Foundation, 2013, and in English, by Routledge, 2015) which sets out a methodology for the study
of museums and a theoretical framework for their interpretation.