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Demetrios Athanasoulis

Dr Archaeologist
Ephorate of Cyclades, Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, Director

PhD in Byzantine Archaeology (Aristotle University of
Thessaloniki and Université Paris I – Panthéon-Sorbonne).
Currently, he is Director at the Ephorate of Antiquities
of Cyclades, a Member of the Scientific Committee of
Parco Archeologico di Pompeii, the European Centre
of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Monuments as
well as the Christian Archaeological Society. He has
been appointed as Chairman or Member on several
Scientific Committees and Councils of the Hellenic
Ministry of Culture and Sports. He has served as a
Curator of Antiquities at the Ephorate of Antiquities of
Ilia, Peloponnese, and as a Director of the Ephorate of
Byzantine Antiquities (Argolis, Arcadia and Corinth). He is former Head of the Association
of Greek Archaeologists and an Expert Archaeologist at the Council of Europe.
He has been a member of several Scientific Committees for the organisation of international
conferences. He has served as National Coordinator at the European Year of Cultural Heritage
2018 celebration.
He has conducted a great number of archaeological surveys in the Peloponnese and the
Cyclades (Acrocorinth, Glarentza, Slavic cemeteries of Arcadia, Naxos, Cyclades islets, etc.);
has designed and directed 15 large scale restoration projects for Byzantine churches
(Agia Moni of Nafplion, PanagiaStiri etc.), Peloponnese castles (Clermont Castle at Kyllini,
Acrocorinth, Acronafplia, Larissa Argos, Agionori etc.), and important monuments in the
Cyclades (Episkopi of Sikinos, Delos etc.); he has supervised the design and implementation
of new archaeological museums (Byzantine Museum of Argolis, Thematic Museum of
Crusaders at the Clermont Castle at Kyllini, Archaeological Museum of Kythnos, group of
Museums at the Naxos Castle).
He has curated major temporary exhibitions in Greece and abroad and has coordinated
several European-funded programmes towards the enhancement of monuments and the
production of digital applications and research. He has participated in several international
conferences and published a large number of studies in the fields of Byzantine architecture
and archaeology and on cultural heritage management. He has been a guest lecturer at the
University of Peloponnese and the National Centre for Public Administration and Local
He has been a Fellow of the British School at Athens, in Oxford and of the German Archaeological
Institute (DAI), in Berlin.